Hérault Valley

The Hérault Valley is located on west of Montpellier, between Salagou lake, Gorges of Herault and north of Pézenas.

Cultural and natural sites are plentiful with major places like the Devil's Bridge and the Abbey of Gellone in Saint-Guilhem le Désert, classified at UNESCO World Heritage, or the Clamouze cave.

You will also discover contrasting colors with landscapes shaped by erosion in the crater of Mourèze and volcanoes around Salagou lake. It is a wild protected place where flora and fauna grow peacefully.

The territory also has a historic heritage dating back to prehistoric times and full of flourishing agricultural and industrial past.

Olive culture has been practiced for decades and we will go to meet the growers, passionate by olive tree and its environment.

We will of course see winemakers, but also other regional producers, in picturesque villages where festivals and markets are full of life and authentic flavors.

Craftpeople are also included in the discovery and especially the potters because Hérault region houses a village that continues the tradition of this art for over 600 years.

So come and relax in our sunny region where man and nature live in harmony and share with us friendly moments!



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